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Covid-19 induced our goal: develop a disinfection machine capable of effective disinfection of large groups of people in a minimum of time.  

Considering the potential danger of this type of machine we went through numerous tests to reach patented absolute security.  


Users take responsibility.

You deliver disinfection effectiveness.

The unit sprays a precise dose of 1 ml of disinfecting liquid.  This is enough for a thorough disinfection of the hands while not spoiling the liquid.
Using the liquid recommended by Safe & Clean, users are sure of getting a certified virucidal dose.  
In the development phase Safe & Clean had an intense collaboration with experts from the
 Faculty of Pharmacy and a member of the Belgian Academy of Medicine.  The product contains ethanol, ether, glycerin and water. There are no endocrine disruptors. The 75% ethanol content is more than enough to kill any bacteria and destroy the virus envelope and make it harmless.  Glycerin 2% is a skin softener. 

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