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Covid-19 induced our goal: develop a sanitising machine capable of effective disinfection of large groups of people in a minimum of time.  

Considering the potential danger of this type of machine we went through numerous tests to reach absolute security.  


The unit sprays a precise dose of 1,7ml of disinfecting liquid.  This is enough for a thorough disinfection of the hands while not spoiling the liquid.
Using the liquid recommended by Safe & Clean, users are sure of getting a certified virucidal dose.  
In the development phase Safe & Clean had an intense collaboration with experts from the 
the Faculty of Pharmacy and a member of the Belgian Academy of Medicine.  The product contains ethanol, ether, glycerin and water. There are no endocrine disruptors. The 75% ethanol content is more than enough to kill any bacteria and destroy the virus envelope and make it harmless.  Glycerin 2% is a skin softener. 

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